Nathalie Paravicini, Green Party candidate for Secretary of State, 2020 campagin

Thank you for all the supporters who have volunteered and contributed to the campaign. This was my first campaign in Oregon; much was accomplished. In particular: 1) bringing an outside non-corporate perspective on current events such as the devastating fires. 13/35 fires were started by downed lines, highlighting the state of disrepair of the US infrastructure. This impacts particularly rural communities. 2) focusing on the need for campaign finance reform and modernizing our electoral democracy by implementing instant runoff voting (an example of is ranked choice voting: NOTE: please volunteer through - we will continue pushing for meaningful campaign finance reform in 2022; we will need YOU, to collect signatures - COVID makes this a challenge and only a wide grassroots effort will ensure we get money out of politics. 3) the need for a truly independent redistricting commission 4) fearlessly focus on climate change with social equity; by focusing on infrastructure development in rural communities. Please go to and see how a People's Rebate can bring millions to local communities. Instead of lining the pockets of distant shareholders the rebate brings back the money. Oregon has a dismal corporate tax rate. If large corporations want to do business in Oregon, it is only logical that they contribute to our local wealth as well. Finally, COVID and national politice in 2020 brought to the surface hateful discourse and divisiveness amongst Oregonians, at a time when we need to come together for creative solutions to preserve the remaining diversity and old growth forests and to stop climate change. Join me, Nathalie Paravicini, on the campaign for Bureau of Labor and Industry. My focus will be on economic justice and healthcare for all workers. In the near future, please go to