Nathalie Paravicini, Green Party candidate for Secretary of State, 2020 campaign

Thank you for all the supporters who have volunteered and contributed to the campaign.

This was my first campaign in Oregon; much was accomplished.  In particular:
1) bringing an outside non-corporate perspective on current events such as the devastating fires.  13/35 fires were started by downed lines, highlighting the state of disrepair of the US infrastructure.  This impacts particularly rural communities.

2)  focusing on the need for campaign finance reform and modernizing our electoral democracy by implementing instant runoff voting (an example of is ranked choice voting:
2a) we are currently collecting signatures for IP9 and IP8 (campaign finance reform):
Now we need YOU to help us collect signatures to place the initiative on the ballot in 2024.  We are in the process of launching a public education campaign for the holiday season.  Please email:  [email protected]
2b) Ranked Choice Voting was referred to the ballot for 2024!  Success!!

3)  the  need for a truly independent redistricting commission (IP14) an initiative which is also collecting signatures:

4)  fearlessly focus on climate change with social equity; by focusing on infrastructure development in rural communities.  Please go to and see how a People's Rebate can bring millions to local communities.   If large corporations want to do business in Oregon, it is only logical that they contribute to our local wealth as well.

Finally, COVID  and national politics in 2020 brought to the surface hateful discourse and divisiveness amongst Oregonians, at a time when we need to come together. 

Looking ahead:
The big elephant in the room is the oversized military budget, which sucks resources away from communities in the hands of the very few.  The Pentagon has not passed a single audit in the past 5 years!!   It's budget now accounts for over 62% of our national spending!  Check out

On a more local level, Portland is completely reorganizing its form of government by electing 12 representatives in 2024, using Ranked Choice Voting.   

Email [email protected] to run for office or support other campaigns.
Volunteer and donate!!
And... have fun connecting with others who, like you, care.