Get out the Vote, Support our Allies

The most important thing to do, at the moment, is to support and active help Get Out the Vote campaigns. 

Election day is Nov. 3
Absentee ballot deadlines
Oct 28 is the last day ballots can be mailed. After this date, ballots must be put into a drop box
Return in person: Nov. 3 by 8:00 p.m.
Where can I find information about my voter registration information?  Here!

Additional information
Oregon's early voting is by mail. Ballot drop box sites are open 18-20 days before Election Day, depending on your area. 

Get out the Vote Campaigns, volunteer and donate:

United We Dream - Text and Phone Banking

NAACP Civic Engagement Program - Focus on battleground states

Rock the Vote - Get Out The Vote page

Black Voices Change Lives - GOTV campaign

Link to find for voting information (where to vote)  another link is

Election protection, report irregularities or difficulties


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