Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform - Measure 107 implementation

Measure 107 passed with 78% of the electorate's support, truly a mandate for meaningful campaign finance reform.  Representative Salinas has emerged as a sponsor and champion of CFR through House Bill 3343.  This will be an uphill struggle, money latches on!! 

==> We need you to take an active role.  Contact your elected officials - here is a script - and let us know if you want to help in other ways

At this point the coalition is seeking additional sponsors for the bill.  Representative Rayfield has resuscitated older bills - but Rayfield's bills have many loopholes, such as unlimited number of caucuses, poor disclosure requirements, etc.

The letter to the Editor linked here, Published in the Portland Tribune on Feb 10, explains what are the key points to highlight in your correspondence with legislators.  Contact [email protected] if you want to help; we need to call Green Party members to contact their elected officials NOW.

We will have a training session for phone banking Sat Mar 13 and 20, 11am to demand meaningful campaign finance reform.  Sign-up here

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