Position Statement - Paravicini for Secretary of State, Oregon

The Candidate Statement posted in the Voters Guide is quite clear on my positions and what you can expect from me as Secretary of State.

1) Ensure objective redistricting following the 2020 census results. If the Legislature cannot agree over changes to congressional and legislative redistricting, the duty falls to the SOS. A Green/Progressive SOS is non-partisan and unbiased.

2) Work to achieve limits on campaign contributions and spending, disclosure of the largest funders on political ads and full enforcement of campaign finance laws. Oregon’s campaign finance system ranked 2nd worst in the U.S. (publicintegrity.org).

3) Strengthen the electoral process by facilitating the implementation of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). RCV eliminates the “spoiler” effect, fostering political debate and allowing minor party and independent candidates a chance to win (Fairvote.org). These measures encourage voter enfranchisement and participation.

4) Shift economic policies to redistribute wealth from the financiers to the producers whose work makes our collective prosperity possible.  Ascert the rights of nature.  The SOS chairs the Oregon Sustainability Board and serves on the State Land Board. The Board’s role should be to manage public lands to fund services long-term and not to sell public property. For far too long we have pitted jobs and education against the health of our environment. Yet resource-rich rural areas remain economically depressed and underserved, with the added environmental degradation to contend with.  One solution could be, for example, hemp cultivation to produce paper goods.  We also need to dramatically decrease military spending at the national level and invest in a massive infrastructure modernization programme.

5) Focus on the needs of small business, the cornerstone of a healthy economy. The SOS issues the charters that govern corporations, large and small, profit and non-profit. A proactive SOS can facilitate inter-agency cooperation to provide business owners wrap-around services for success.

Vote for Nathalie Paravicini - paravicini4sos.org

Furthering Democracy, Ensuring Sustainability, Supporting Small Businesses

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