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COVID: protection vs how big pharma profits

How are we going to protect ourselves as we transition toward "herd immunity" (if that is possible with this infection, considering antibody levels appear to decrease rapidly)?  The solution is certainly not by callously exposing people to a potentially dangerous disease; but by protecting ourselves as exposure moves across the population.  Remember that while most people exhibit few symptoms of COVID, many have severe/lethal or long-term effects.

Unfortunately the only solution you hear about is a vaccine and the millions being invested in them.  Yet, this is not the only or the best way to adress this pandemic (and this post is not a position in favor or against vaccinating; there is a place for vaccines in medicine). 

The problem is that you rarely hear about tools and remedies that are effective, and inexpensive, to help in the case of COVID.  Why? BECAUSE THEY MAKE NO MONEY.

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CoronaVirus: the Swedish Model

Many opponents of the wearing of a mask, social isolation and lock downs point to the Swedish Model where there was no mandated lockdown.  They proudly show that the Covid cases were low and therefore "Herd Immunity" works; the rationale is to expose everyone as fast as possible regardless of the consequences.  But is that what happened?  And can we compare the US with Sweden?

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