COVID: protection vs how big pharma profits

How are we going to protect ourselves as we transition toward "herd immunity" (if that is possible with this infection, considering antibody levels appear to decrease rapidly)?  The solution is certainly not by callously exposing people to a potentially dangerous disease; but by protecting ourselves as exposure moves across the population.  Remember that while most people exhibit few symptoms of COVID, many have severe/lethal or long-term effects.

Unfortunately the only solution you hear about is a vaccine and the millions being invested in them.  Yet, this is not the only or the best way to adress this pandemic (and this post is not a position in favor or against vaccinating; there is a place for vaccines in medicine). 

The problem is that you rarely hear about tools and remedies that are effective, and inexpensive, to help in the case of COVID.  Why? BECAUSE THEY MAKE NO MONEY.

As this article on the president's therapies shows, almost everything was devoted to big pharma - medications that most people have no access to.  Almost nothing was mentioned on the other natural therapies he was following, including melatonin and zinc.  This is unacceptable.

The increase in diseases has been predicted as climate change continues disrupting our ecosystems.  The increasing rates of cancer and autoimmune disease point to an increasing confusion of our immue system.  Vaccinating everyone against every new disease is simply not going to be the solution - and is not cost effective.

What is really going to help us face the current increase in disease is to cultivate our own immune system.  What myself, patients and others in the community have found to be extremely effective are simple remedies which are accessible to most everyone. 

In my experience, one of the best ways to control the excessive inflammation of COVID is melatonin*.  Likewise, a number of studies have now found that sufficient vitamin D decreases the risk and severity of contracting COVID.  Yet, most dosage information about vitamin D** in labs and supplements is very inadequate - again, these values were not updated because vitamins do not make money for "Big Pharma."  

Other therapies that have shown to be very effective -and affordable- include taking sufficient vitamin C levels and zinc or NAC.  In hospitals, high-dose vitamin C has proven to be one of the treatments of choice, as showin in this report from China. Yet, we don't hear about this because there is no money to be made with every day remedies.  This includes many of the culinary herbs that have strong antimicrobial and antiviral properties (and please contact a doctor if you feel unwell).

Instead, Naturopathic and other Integrative Doctors who have been trying to disseminate this critical information have been receiving letters from the FTC (!***).  The FDA is also trying to limit access to compounded basic medications - because of the threat to Big Pharma.

We need to take back our institutions, our airwaves and our rights!!  This is again one of the reasons I am running for Secretary of State.  We need social movements and political parties that represent the people and the rights of nature over corporate profits.

Vote Paravicini for Secretary of State; donate to support a party for the people!


*  Note and disclaimer:  I am not saying that any of the above are cures or prevent COVID.  The above is my personal experience covered under the 1st Amendment.

** A maintenance dosage of vitamin D in the Pacific Northwest is approximately 4000-5000IU a day.  Your labs should show a range of 60-80ng/dL (the range in labs is too wide to be functional).  Some people take 10,000IU a day for a month, to increase vitamin D to adequate levels then back down to 5000IU. 

*** Yes some people may have were overstate the benefits and linking to selling products - but the FTC has effectively been silencing attempts at public information.

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