On the Rights of Nature, a blog about Our Commons


This blog is about the Rights of Nature, our Relationship with the Commons. Let's stop using the language of war. Replace those words by gardening verbs. They will better reflect how we care for the world surrounding us.

I work together with organizations like the Oregon Community Rights Network (OCRN), Community Legal Environmental Defense Fund, Move to Ammend, Fairvote.org, and many others. I have a particular affection and complete awe and respect for the work of United We Dream, CausaOregon and the JoAnn Hardesty team/Rising Together, the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians and all its great Herbalists, scientists and artists.

This goes also to the work of the Shrine of the Black Madonna in 5th Ward, Harris County and the amazing group of agitators in Houston, Texas. They greatly influenced who I am; and my great friends throughout Texas.

Please join us in the struggle of toppling the wealthy ruling mafiosi. In the end, they are making their wealth off our backs, at the cost of Pacha Mama. Ya Basta.

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