Why the Legal System Won't Protect Us

One of the reasons I am running for Secretary or State is to highlight key issues that are not being picked-up by mainstream, corporate media.  Yet with the impending chaos of Climate Change, these issues are critically important for our survival and that of most existing species on earth. 

In the following video Will Falk, author and lawyer, explains why the judicial system and the many agencies that are supposed to "protect" us, actually protect corporations against the anger of We The People. 

In the end, very little changes because big money continues to manipulate the system under the absurd concept of Cporporate Personhood and Corporate Rights.  Corporations do not have rights.  They are legal entities created to limit the liability (responsiblity) of its top executives, effectively shielding them from taking responsiblity for their decisions.

For more information about Will Falk and his amazing poetry:  Community Rights and Will Falk

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